Employer FAQ

How can GCP Internship Central actually help me with an internship program?

GCP Internship Central is a resource center that can provide valuable information and guidance on starting, growing, and managing an internship program from answering questions like, “Should I pay my intern?” to “Where can I go to find interns?” If you need more hands-on assistance, please contact GCP staff that can work with you to help identify your needs and provide recommendations on next steps.

Speaking of finding interns, where should I go to begin intern recruitment?

There is no shortage of places you can go to find qualified, talented interns. Please click here to view a list of organizations that can help you connect directly to interns or click here to visit a list of Northeast Ohio colleges and universities that have job boards and other employer resources.

I’m not sure what type of job description or internship offer letter I should create; do you have templates to work from?

Please visit the templates page to download templates you can customize for your own internship needs.

I’m considering creating an internship program for my organization, where should I begin?

There are many action items you need to finalize before recruiting interns. Please review our GCP Internship Central Employer Guidebook that will walk you through each step of creating a successful internship program.

I’m considering creating an unpaid internship opportunity, where can I go to find information on unpaid internships?

We highly recommend employers pay interns for many reasons, some of which include you will expand your talent pool by paying them and you will be less vulnerable to the legal issues that surround not paying interns. If you would like to learn more about unpaid internships, please review the United States Department of Labor laws.   

I’m not having any luck finding an intern, what are my options?

We are fortunate to have a large pool of qualified interns in our region. Perhaps your job description or requirements need adjusted. Or you might need to broaden your reach and connect with more schools. Reach out to GCP staff for assistance on what you can do next.

What is the Cleveland Internship Summit?

The Cleveland Internship Summit is a half-day event bringing business community representatives and educators together to learn internship program best practices, discuss the value of internships for employers, students and educators, and to increase awareness and action around how internship programs are a key component to building a strong talent pipeline. To learn more about the 2019 Summit and past Summits, click here.

I’m interested in working with high school interns but not sure how to go about this. What are my options?

High school interns can provide value, creativity and bring a strong work ethic to an organization, just like college interns. Please contact Angela Finding at 216-592-2385 to explore how you can work with local high school students.

What other internship resources should I explore?

Visit our GCP Internship Central blog for more internship topics including:

  • Ways to acquire interns on a small business budget

  • Five legal constraints in hiring interns you need to know

  • Is it too late to hire an intern? A guide to internship season