For Students

A successful internship experience can open the door to your career. Learn more about how you can stand out to employers and get the most out of your internship.


Intern Guidebook

The “By an Intern/For an Intern” guidebook is intended to help students transform their internship experience into much more than just a resume-booster or a check mark on their degree requirements list. 

It offers tips to help students apply skills learned in the classroom, make connections in their local business community, and maybe discover a career direction. Contents include:

  • Finding an internship

  • The application process

  • The interview process

  • The first day

  • The last day and beyond

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in-Demand Career and Career Information

Finding career and industry information can often be a complicated process. OhioMeansJobs has in-depth information on current careers that are in demand. To learn more visit, OhioMeansJobs In-Demand Occupations.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education has also put together a resource list of other important information on high demand careers in Ohio.


Take advantage of sample templates to help you communicate with potential employers. Sample templates include: